Faster, Safer Belt Maintenance Doesn't Need To Be A Dream

Learn from the experts at Flexco

Flexco knows how crucial it is to get a belt up and running quickly, while keeping your maintainance team safe. That's why we offer free on-site belt splicing training that covers:

  • Preparing your belt for safe repair with the proper tools.
  • Squaring your belt before cutting to create the proper environement for your splice.
  • How to safely cut your belt, without the use of utility knives.
  • Installing consistent, quality splices that stand the test of time ... every time.
Modex2020_landingPage_glamourShot_clampsWe come to you!

One of our product solution professionals will conduct this training on-site, at your location so you can make sure all the right personnel is there to learn these techniques.

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