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Flexco Essentials™
Conveyor System Essentials eLearning

One-year unlimited access to a six-part course covering the essentials of heavy-duty conveyor systems. $299 course fee.


Flexco Essentials™ is a six-part eLearning course that focuses on the essentials of heavy-duty conveyor systems

  • Real-world focused content
  • Expert insights and best practices from the Flexco Expert
  • Knowledge checks throughout the training modules
  • A cumulative assessment evaluates comprehension and application
  • Pure conveyor content – no marketing, no sales – just the Essentials
What You’ll Learn
  • The role that each key component plays in conveyor functionality and performance.
  • How each component of the conveyor contributes to conveyor productivity, efficiency, and safety.
  • The foundation of the conveyor system – structures and pulleys.
  • Moving materials – the belts, the drive systems, and the idlers.
  • Containing materials – the load zones and operational forces.
  • Maximizing belt performance with belt trainers and belt cleaners.
  • The pain points found on every conveyor system.

Just $299 for one-year access to Flexco Essentials.

Take the course, learn the Essentials, and acquire an understanding of key conveyor components and how they contribute to productivity, efficiency, and safety on the jobsite. Any part of the course can be reviewed at your convenience within the one-year access period.

Not Just for New Employees

Refresh your knowledge, talk the same language, and learn expert tips alongside your new operators. Long-time operators and even managers can benefit from Flexco Essentials eLearning.


Flexco Essentials™
Conveyor System Essentials Instructor-Led Training

In our classroom or at your site, this consultative format covers the conveyor essentials and is led by Flexco Experts. Throughout the 2 – 4 hour session, they customize the content in order to respond to the specific needs of your operation.

Each attendee also gets one-year access to Flexco Essentials eLearning – a $299 value –
to supplement the live training experience.

Attend at our Flexco state-of-the-art training facility. $499 per person