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Discover new solutions to increase the productivity of your conveyor systems.

Why should I get an assessment? Assessments identify potential risks to your system, find the root causes of the system’s problems, identify safety issues, and suggest long-term solutions for your system that can increase productivity and minimise downtime.

What is done during an assessment? When you schedule an assessment with Flexco, we will: 

  • Walk the belt line and assess your entire system from start to finish using our digital assessment tool
  • Immediately provide a detailed report on the findings, including data and images
  • Partner with you to implement a plan to maximise your belt conveyor performance
  • Teach you how to optimise your existing solutions
  • Train your maintenance teams to spot issues on your conveyor system and address them
  • Follow up with you to ensure that the solutions are working for your system
... All for free and without any obligations. 

No matter what tough issues are affecting your conveyor system, Flexco experts are up to challenge. Fill out this form to schedule a free assessment with your local Flexco expert today.