Material Carryback on Your Conveyor

What is carryback? To put it simply, it is material that adheres to the belt rather than discharging at the head pulley. It then builds up in piles on the ground, on the conveyor structure, and on return idlers.

Almost every belt conveyor system in every industry has to battle carryback. In the pulp and paper industry, however, reducing carryback is even more important since wood products are flammable and carryback can be deadly if it ends up in the wrong place. So not only are we talking about the inconvenience of dedicating manpower to clean up the carryback, but we’re also talking about protecting workers and the operation from fires and explosions.

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The Many Types of Carryback

Pulp and paper mills are also unique in the fact that they have materials in several different forms. Wood chips, hog fuel, and lime mud have a wide range of moisture content that changes from season to season and even day to day, becoming carryback that can build up around the conveyor frame or stick to other conveyor components like idlers.

Build up on idlers can cause the idlers to seize and the belt to mistrack. In both cases, this often leads to belt damage and spillage, meaning more cost, safety hazards, and more time spent cleaning up the mess.

Carryback can also fall in all the wrong places. If you’re outdoors, you don’t want carryback building up on walkways below or piling up to the belt. And indoors, carryback in the form of dust is an explosion hazard. Sending your maintenance crew into any of these areas is risky every time they clean.

If you’re sick and tired of spending your time cleaning up carryback, Flexco can help. Fill out the form below and one of our Territory Managers will come out to assess the carryback on your system and give you the tools to fix it.


Carryback Doesn’t Have to Be the Norm

What if we told you that carryback can be addressed before it even falls off the belt? What if we told you that the right combination of belt cleaners can nearly eliminate carryback? You may be skeptical because you have some chevron belts, and flat cleaner blades won’t do anything for them. Well, Flexco has some answers for you.

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Let’s start off by tackling your chevron objection with the Motorized Brush Cleaner. We know chevron belts present a special problem for efficient cleaning especially when chips and bark are wet. There is more surface area and cavities for fines to stick to, and a traditional flat blade cleaner will not effectively clean the belt’s surface. The Motorized Brush Cleaner is an ideal option for cleaning stubborn wood dust off these belts.


The EZP1 Rockline® Standard-Duty Precleaner and MSP Standard Mine-Duty Precleaner both feature a unique single blade design that combines simple, do-it-yourself installation, quick maintenance, and effective cleaning with a price tag that you can afford. Install the EZP1 on more narrow flat belts, and the MSP on wider flat belts, where either are carrying bark, or chips where dust is widespread to facilitate the capture of usable material and avoid material piles that create fire hazards. Stainless Steel components and Chemical-Resistant, High-Temp, or Ultra-High Temp blade options are available for belts carrying chips to the digester and lime to the kiln.


The Y-Type™ Polyurethane and Carbide Secondary Cleaner is ideal for the flat belts that run throughout the wood yard, and is especially useful on belts after the bark grinder and on any chip or bark belts that are fully or partially indoors.


For extra cleaning power for tough areas, the MMP Medium Mine-Duty Precleaner is the right choice. The MMP is built tough with a heavy-duty pole, a larger, powerful blade and a beefy dual tensioning system. Installation is simple and maintenance is quick, and when paired with the MHS, you have an effective one-two cleaning punch.


The MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Belt Cleaner was designed to deliver and maintain superior cleaning efficiency, even in the most demanding, abusive environments. It delivers high-efficiency cleaning and long lasting performance and is low maintenance. 

U-Type® Secondary Belt Cleaner

When it comes to lime mud and other sticky materials, the U-Type® Secondary Belt Cleaner is the best choice. It is designed for constant blade-to-belt contact for the highest cleaning efficiency – especially in tough applications requiring removal of water and sticky carryback materials. The U-shaped design conforms to the belt, allowing the tungsten carbide tips to shear stubborn carryback materials from the belt. No straight-blade cleaner has both the cleaning and shearing action necessary to provide the cleaning power needed in wet and sticky material applications.